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Some days I feel great and I don’t care why. Some days I feel crap but I know why. Some days I feel even crappier and I don’t know why.

Some days I feel like I could swim the oceans. Some days I feel like I could just float and bob around in the waves forever as long as I am close to shore. Some days I feel like I am drowning. Slowly. Watching each wave approach from afar before it reaches me and crashes over my head.

Some days I am overjoyed at the qualities displayed by humanity. Some days I see a darker side to humanity but I know that we are getting better. Some days I despair at our lack of humanity.

Some days the sun shines high in the sky. Some days it rains a bit. Some days are just cold. So cold.

Some days I feel loved today and forever. Some days I know I am loved but don’t feel it. Some days I wonder why anyone would love me.

Today is some day.

Oh god! I hope not!! Nothing beats the feeling of flesh on flesh.

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You should take your pleasure where you can, the only condition is that it should not be at the expense of another.

Ask me anything

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